General Info

We are a still hunt club.  Generally, we are a 12 member club.  Members are allowed to choose 2 private areas.  Each private area has a 400 yard radius that other members cannot encroach on.  You can set up stands and feeders in your private area.  We follow all FWC rules and regulations, and, there are some additional club rules we impose.  


We have a camp area off-lease with full hookup for members with RVs/Campers.  There are some limits, such as number of campers we can support (7 permanent, 2 temporary), maximum size on campers, and, we only offer 30AMP service .  We also have a small bunkhouse at our camp other users can share if they don’t have campers.


There are at least two processors within a short drive from our club.


We run background checks on all potential members.  Please contact us if you’d like to be placed on our wait list to see the property.  We generally schedule club showings out of season (deer, turkey).